Consultation about printing of flexible packaging

Consultation about printing of flexible packaging


About us

King laminate Company Limited is specialized in the manufacture and printing of Flexible Packaging for any packaging in various industries, both the consumer goods and gravure printers Rotorua modern and porcelain laminate quality which Controlled by a computer system.


We realize that attractive packing is the most important for branding and building sales growth. Therefore, we are committed to producing and deliver products that are beautiful and exquisite piece of work, coupled with a quality, clean and safe for all consumers and to the satisfaction of our customers. We operate under management system standard, machinery new and modern; our technician is specialized skills and experience for a long line. We also focus on its customer service center is catered for and meet the different needs of customers, whether small, medium or large, and as a consultant to the printing and packaging.


We are an organization that is flexible in manufacturing and with outstanding quality and service is impressive. We aim to develop unceasingly for the Leadership of laminate printing


King laminate company limited concrete to the development of printing technology in different ways and quality systems. The company focuses on the collaboration of the production, quality control and other parties involved. To create quality products that meet the demand for flexible packaging in every industry, we are ready to serve and a consulting job including packaging to all clients such as

Stand-up pouch

Center-seal bag

Flat pouch

Center-seal gusset bag

4 seal bag

Roll form

Standard of Quality

King Laminate Company limited focus to the quality of work and checked the quality of their work; we have a process to control and check the quality.

> Checked before printing

> Monitoring and control during printing.

> After checking the printing

At each step of the operation, we care and attention to detail of each piece talking or joint problems with our customer and find the best solutions to partners customers.

If there is to be decided because a good job, Quality is something we always take into our account. We also have to control the operation of a computer system and employs technicians who are specialized supervision order for the machine to operate efficiently as well.

Machine & Technology

We appreciate that packaging are important for branding and goods will be sold well depend on the attractive packaging. There for we are committed to producing and deliver a colorful and intricately coupled with the production of quality, cleanliness and safety for consumers in order to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. We operate under a system of international quality management.

News & Faqs

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Which kind of packaging does King laminate produce?

We do packaging and consumer goods such as food and medicine bags, coffee packaging bag ,snack food bag, chemical fertilizer and packaging detergent powder such as milk powder, coffee creamer, etc.


How does King laminate control the quality?

At work we cater to all parts work. We are attentive and coordinated with partners before printing such as attention to detail at every step before printing or during printing and after printing in order to get the beautiful colors, exquisite detail every step. We think that the packaging is very sturdy, tight seal, thereby adding value and it can raise the standards of our customers.


Which kind of printing technology that King laminate used?

We use film and the standard ingredients such as choose a color and glue from reputable sources, Countries like Japan and Germany through the process of printing with advanced printing system. Such as Rotorua is a Japanese gravure.


How long of lead-time for printing process?

The printing process of the King laminates depending upon the type and number ordering. Usually between 7 -30 days and we have the flexibility to print quality. Our customer can negotiate or discuss in case of urgency of that job.


How to contact?

King laminate would like to say welcome and thank all of you for you’re interested in us. If you require any further information or need to make appointment for a meeting please contact to phone number 02- 450 0211 or 081 819 4768 Mr. Chayut (available Monday – Friday 8.00 – 17.00)


Interested to order

In the process, depending on the size of a roll of foil and the size of the sachet .Prices are different. We have prepared forms So that you can download to fill out and send back to the company in order to future negotiate the price, you can download the order form on the


Download page click here

Contact us

King laminate Co., Ltd

No. 30/10 Moo. 1 Khok Kham , Samut Sakhon Thailand, 74000

Tel : +66 0-3440-6596 Fax : +66 0-3440-6597
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 17:00pm.
(Office will be closed on Thailand public holidays.)
Please contact Mr. Chayuth +6681 819 4768

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